Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Metro shutdown - now what?

The failure of all three levels of government to hold WMATA accountable, and years of incompetent leadership within that transit agency, have culminated in a full shutdown of the Metro subway system today. That closure began at 12:00 AM this morning. While the public has been told the shutdown will last 24 hours (technically not true, as Metro doesn't operate overnight), there are indications it could last even longer if serious safety issues are found during the inspection of the system's power cables.

Here's the latest as of this hour:

Federal workers have the option of unscheduled leave or teleworking today. It will be interesting to see if the loss of Metro will mean carmageddon, or great driving conditions like we experienced during the Pope's visit.

Driving and Metrobus are the best options this morning. Metrobus and Ride On Bus are both operating on regular schedule this morning.

MARC commuter rail is a legitimate option, with stations in Rockville, Gaithersburg and Kensington. The train can take you into Union Station in the District, where you can connect to other transit options.

Been meaning to try biking to work? This could be the day. Search #WMATABikePool on social media to find fellow riders to make the trip safer. An extra hour of daylight should help tonight.

Capital Bikeshare is offering 24-hour memberships today.

Uber will cap surge pricing in the Washington area at 3.9 times base fares today only. Lyft is offering new users $20 off their first ride during the shutdown.

This is another lesson today - we have to finish our master plan highway system. And we simply must do our homework, vote smarter, and start electing the right people who can get the job done. The results so far speak for themselves.


  1. "This is another lesson today - we have to finish our master plan highway system."

    Not at all. It's a lesson that we need to spend the money on Metro, not roads, so that this is never necessary again.

  2. Master plan highway system? What are you smoking? We have enough highways as it is causing congestion and air pollution. Sure, let's throw more money into a "moribund" means of transportation that is now becoming obsolete to the millennial generation. WAKE UP DYER YOUR NOT IN KANSAS!!!

    1. 8:17: I'd say the evidence shows they are mismanaging the funds they are getting now. Also, Metro was built largely with federal money originally meant to build the rest of the DC freeway system.

      11:30: So what do you figure all of those zero emission, autonomous vehicles will run on in the future? In fact, mass transit will be obsolete, replaced by autonomous vehicle fleets.

      A 2015 study showed young people are driving more miles than their parents. The recession numbers prior to that were an anomaly.

      SUV sales are up. Suburbs are adding population faster than cities.

  3. And by the way, Metro ridership has plunged. Same in Los Angeles.