Monday, June 13, 2016

Leggett's WSSC nominee sentenced for DWI in 2007

T. Eloise Foster, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett's nominee to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, was sentenced for driving while impaired in Howard County in 2007. She was sentenced to unsupervised probation, alcohol counseling, 10 hours of community service, and fined $200, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Foster was pulled over by a Maryland state trooper on Interstate 95 in Howard in June 2007. She failed several sobriety tests, and was charged. Foster was budget director for the state of Maryland at the time.

Leggett, who was a victim of a drunk driver himself in a 2009 crash, called for tightening drunk driving laws in December 2015. The County Council is scheduled to interview Foster Tuesday morning at 11:00 AM. They are then scheduled to confirm her appointment 55 minutes later.

"The Montgomery County Council joins our Police Chief in calling for the State of Maryland to strengthen our laws against drunk and impaired driving," Council President Nancy Floreen wrote to the Montgomery County delegation to the Maryland General Assembly in February of this year.

Drivers with interesting driving records seem to be joining WSSC often these days. The Washington Post reported that the agency's latest chief was involved in five accidents while driving WSSC vehicles. She totaled one of those WSSC vehicles in a rollover accident on the Capital Beltway, the Post reported.


  1. Why should this matter? Current Maryland House of Delegates District 17 representative, KUMAR BARVE, and former Maryland House of Delegates District 14 representative, HERMAN TAYLOR JR. drive drunk and get away with it all the time. Even worse is that BARVE still drinks and drives. In December 2014, BARVE and newly elected Maryland House of Delegates District 17 representative, ANDREW PLATT, got plastered at a Christmas party thrown by CHERYL KAGAN. They staggered out of her house, got into Kumar’s car and drove off. If ever there was a screaming need for Noah’s law, drunks like Barve, Taylor, Platt and Foster drive that home.

    1. I was at that party. I saw Kumar drink A LOT, but as an alcoholic, he held his liquor well. Platt on the other hand was quite drunk. He was slurring his words. Both of them would have probably blown a 0.2 or more on a breathalyzer. If they had gotten in an accident that night, Kagan could have been held liable as well for serving them too much alcohol. Why do local politicians act as though they are above the law??? Oh wait... As proof of their above-the-law status, just look at Thelma Eloise Foster's 2007 DUI court records, where she got off completely... she didn't even pay a fine or court costs. It must be nice to be so connected. It seems that only local politicians receive a free "Get out of Jail" card.