Friday, August 26, 2016

Chuy's throws a party in Rockville (Photos)

Tex-Mex restaurant Chuy's celebrated its upcoming first restaurant in Montgomery County with a Redfish Rally last night. The new restaurant is scheduled to open in October at Federal Plaza, but the party was held at another nearby Federal Realty property, Montrose Crossing. Chuy's pitched a tent atop the parking garage there, and served up food and drink samples.
Chuy's chefs make fresh
guacamole on the spot
To emphasize the chain's commitment to fresh ingredients, chefs were making fresh guacamole and bartenders were squeezing fresh lime juice for margaritas all night long. To emphasize the company's commitment to the community, Chuy's announced that the local charity they will support is Hero Dogs, a Brookeville-based non-profit that trains and places service dogs with veterans who need them free of charge. Several hero dogs were in attendance, joining Chuy the Redfish and former Rockville City Councilman Tom Moore among the notable guests.

Chuy's plans to hire an impressive 175 employees at this restaurant. Those interested can apply in-person Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Chuy’s hiring office located at 1776 E. Jefferson Street, Unit #117, in Rockville.
Banner touts that
"everything is made
from scratch" at Chuy's
Another promotes their
fresh hatch green chiles
Free t-shirts
...although you could make
a charitable donation if you wanted
I can report that the
fresh-squeezed lime juice
made a noticeable difference
in the margaritas
Fiesta essentials
on display
Stringed lights hung
over the crowd
Chuy himself (herself?) made
an appearance

Montgomery County is
gaining on Austin in the
weird department every day
Sauces are so important
at Chuy's, that they have
their own webpage
Speaking of sauces,
a chef adds one to
an attendee's nachos

Chuy's brought along
some of their trademark
interior design accents -
hubcaps and...
Meet hero dog

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