Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lotte Plaza opens

Lotte Plaza Market has opened in the former Safeway building at 1902 Veirs Mill Road in Rockville. They are having a contest for the grand opening that runs through December in which you can win prizes that include a hefty gift card and a TV.

Walking around the store, you'll notice several ways Lotte Plaza differs from Giant and Safeway. There is a greater selection of international foods, of course. A huge selection of pre-packaged sushi is available. But even more notable is the seafood section. Here it is more like a real fish market, with fresh-caught fish of all kinds displayed on beds of ice. In the produce section, you'll find a more diverse variety than the other local chains.

On the other end of the food spectrum, Lotte Plaza even has Banquet frozen entrees you won't find at Giant or Safeway, including their updated Pizza with Macaroni & Cheese dinner.


  1. All of your photos are scarier than Halloween. The frozen seafood is probably imported from tainted waters with enough chemicals to turn you iridescent. Banquet products are some of the most "inexpensive", most unhealthy crap you can consume. And as for the sushi, your better off buying the pre-packaged Whole Food or Balduci variety. At least you know the source better. Oh, and for an extra measure, from your photo, I would NEVER, NEVER, buy sushi that has been "Marked Down", not once but TWICE. Somebody call the health department!!!

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