Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sign installed at East Karaoke Grill in Rockville (Photo)

The sign is up at East Karaoke Grill in Courthouse Center, at 12 N. Washington Street in Rockville. For those who were confused by the "East" name, no, this is not related to East Dumpling House in the same shopping center. East Karaoke Grill is in Unit 7-G.

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  1. Are you sure it's not related to East Dumpling? The Chinese names are the same: 老地方 (literally, "the Old Place", probably more like "the Familiar Place".) They just have 串吧KTV (barbecue and karaoke) in a smaller font after the main name. It seems hard to believe there would be two Chinese restaurants with the same name right next to each other. Sounds more like the way it used to be with Bob's Noodle 66 (of happy memory) and Bob's Shanghai 66 up the street.