Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Police snag 2 more drunk drivers at unexpected Rockville checkpoint

When Rockville and Montgomery County police responded to an accident involving a driver now charged with DUI Saturday night, they set up a road closure around the scene at Rockville Pike and Templeton Place. In the process, they managed to catch two additional drivers allegedly driving under the influence.

Two Rockville police officers arrested a 27-year-old man who slowed and stopped at the barricade, appearing confused, around 1:50 AM on December 17. Almost exactly two hours later, a 20-year-old female driver approached the two-police-car roadblock. She ran over cones, and almost hit officers, before continuing through the roadblock. Ultimately, a County police sergeant pulled her over down the road, and arrested her.


  1. Plagiarised from the Washington Post.

    1. Reported from a police press release, you moron. Many things are plagiarized from the Post by Bethesda Magazine, but you never comment there. Then you come over here and post a fake comment like this. It's no wonder you don't have the guts to confront me in person, and have to hide behind a keyboard in a dark room. The only thing lower than your IQ is your testosterone level.

    2. Saith the author using childish insults, bullying and name-calling while also safely hidden behind a keyboard in a dark room.

    3. I note that the first comment was written at 9:45 AM (daytime), and Dyer's response was at 6:11 PM (nighttime). Seems like Dyer was the one who was at "a keyboard in a dark room".

      And I note that he didn't acknowledge that a police press release was his source until after he got busted.

    4. LMAO. Hilarious that Dyer gets so triggered and turns into a whiny teenager rather than just refute the claim with facts. maybe link to the police press release if you really feel like proving the person wrong?

      let me translate his response:

      "Nuh-uh! Jimmy did it first! Fight me, bro! You have a little D%&#!" Way to take the high road there, Robert.

  2. You're missing quite a lot of citations in your article. In fact, you don't have any.

    From the Post article:

    “…police say…”

    “…authorities said…”

    “…police would later say…”

    “…according to police officials…”

    “…said Montgomery County Police Sgt. John O’Brien…”

    “Police officials noted that…”

    “[Montgomery County Police Sgt.] O’Brien said…”

    “…according to police officials. “

    “His [Andrade’s] lawyer, David Felsen, said Tuesday that…”

    “… Felsen added.”

    “He [Felsen] said…”

    “…Felsen said.”

    “Rockville City police officers would later write…”

    “…according to the police report.”

    “…according to the police report, which said…”

    “…the police report states.”

    “Murray [the driver] declined to comment Tuesday.”

    “…a police spokesman said”

    “…the police spokesman said.”