Friday, June 29, 2018

Rockville Pike tree massacre

There's been a tree massacre on the east side of Rockville Pike near Talbott Street. An unidentified crew clearcut all of the trees along the access road in front of the Bassett Furniture and former funeral home. Once a shady stretch, it's now like a desert, as these before and after photos and video show.
Compare this Google Street View photo
to the photo of the same scene yesterday at
the top of this article
More scenes from before the environmental destruction that has taken place, above and all photos below:


  1. "An unidentified crew clearcut all of the trees along the access road in front of the Bassett Furniture and former funeral home."

    It's obvious to anyone with a brain that PEPCO crews did the heavy pruning, to clear the branches from the power lines.

    It was kinda dumb to plant these trees right under the power lines, don't you agree?

  2. Pepco's trash. Cheap pieces of shit just clear-cut instead of responsibly prune or - god forbid - spend the money to install taller poles.

  3. This is a shame to just cit these trees down like this,I saw them cutting the trees last week and Could not believe it

  4. Mightve been part of the upcoming new retail storefronts next to people can see the stores.

    1. The trees are almost certainly in the public ROW.

  5. Replies
    1. Anyone who doesn't appreciate mature trees over an empty median is, at best, an idiot.

    2. I was joking.The trees should gave been left alone.

  6. From the blog moron on down, no one appears to have done any research regarding this OMG my poor little trees project. According to issued permits the following justification for this removal is given.
    Case Number: FTP2016-00023

    Description: Forest conservation, minimum tree cover, and significant tree replacement for site improvements and building renovations.
    SPECIAL CONDITION: This permit is for forest conservation, significant tree removal and replacement and minimum tree cover associated with parking lot improvements and stormwater management upgrades.

    USE PERMIT COMPLIANCE: The project must be built in accordance with the approved Site Plan STP2017-00299 dated 9/19/2017 and the approved FCP2016-00023 dated 12/11/17 . Failure to build per these plans may result in delays obtaining an Occupancy Permit.

    STREET TREE REMOVAL: Permitee is responsible for obtaining a Roadside Tree Removal Permit from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

    LANDSCAPING: All landscape material must be installed per the approved Landscape and/or Forest Conservation Plan. No substitutions are permitted without prior written permission of the City Forester.

    Etc., Etc., Etc. DO YOU HOMEWORK DYER.