Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Rockville Pike Craft Beer & Wine opens (Photos)

Rockville Pike Craft Beer & Wine has opened at 1800-D Rockville Pike, in the ground floor of The Galvan apartments near the Twinbrook Metro station. The interior looks modern and sleek, and they have a nice bar and tasting area in the front part of the store. Certainly a much-appreciated addition for residents of the building.


  1. Someone will loose in this skirmish, the NKOTB or Gilly's.

  2. Sorry. No chance Gilly's loses this fight. They're crowded all the time and already have a sizable customer base.

  3. Gilly's will always be the Cheers of the craft beer community but there may be room for both. I think that the RPCB&W business model is similar to Downtown Crown Wine & Beer. Cheers!