Thursday, July 11, 2019

Baja Fresh to close in Rockville

Baja Fresh "has lost its lease, is shutting its doors, and making a complete liquidation" of the contents of the restaurant, which is located at 1607 Rockville Pike in the Congressional Plaza shopping center. So states an online auction listing, which indicates the sell-off will take place on Monday, July 22, 2019. The photographs illustrating the items up for bid clearly show the Rockville location, and distinctive Congressional Plaza columns and stone masonry.


  1. Wow, Congressional Plaza is really falling apart these days.

    Whatever happened to Federal Realty's Midas Touch?

  2. Bummer, I freaking love Baja Fresh

  3. "Baja Fresh once had as many as 300 restaurants, but the chain has been shrinking and pulling out of some parts of the U.S. The company reported that there were 165 Baja Fresh locations in 2017."

    Federal Realty seems to have a knack for picking chains that are currently getting hit hard by the retail apocalypse.

  4. Closing or closed at Congressional Plaza in just half a year:

    -Baja Fresh

    -Saks Off Fifth

    -Thomasville Furniture

    -Performance Bicycle

    -White House Black Market

  5. Bring back Tower Records!

    1. Tower records was great!

    2. You're so old you make vinyl look fresh.

    3. If you keep talking like dat imma have to go into my safe space.dat harassment and is very hateful.

  6. I remember when I moved to Rockville in 1973, and Congressional Plaza looked like a dump. They had a hard time getting tenants. Everything's cyclic, and what will they need to do now to tempt the fickle customers of Rockville?