Thursday, August 1, 2019

Pup Scouts Daycare & Boarding opening in Rockville

Pup Scouts Daycare & Boarding is a locally-owned daycamp and boarding facility for dogs in the Rockville and Bethesda areas. They have just located in the Pike Center shopping center, behind 5-11 Tactical at 12220-B Rockville Pike. Daycamp offers daycare services for dogs, while boarding is an option if you are leaving town for a vacation, for example. Pup Scouts may especially come in handy for folks living in the apartment buildings along the Rockville Pike corridor.


  1. Photos 2 and 3 have to be the weirdest you've taken. WTF?

    1. 10:57: You act like I was the architect for the building. I'm just a journalist reporting on what's there. WTF is more appropriately directed at your comment than my photos, Boy Friday.

  2. I've been to sex clubs that have less dodgy looking entrances than that one.

  3. Having to pay for sex isn't something you should be sharing to the world...

  4. Oooh ‘Boy Friday’ a new insult! Can’t use Spectrum though