Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Asian food hall The Block to host grand opening Saturday in Rockville

The Block has officially expanded to Maryland - the Asian food hall has opened at 967 Rose Avenue at Pike & Rose. A grand opening has been scheduled for this Saturday, December 14 from 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Adobo and Eddo.


  1. Tried the place last Saturday evening, and the worst selection of the three halls. This appears to be the smallest of the Asian food halls in the area along with the least imaginative menu selections. I tried the Singapore noodles with chicken from one of the stalls. The spice heat was over the top, as well as the curry content, not something the average diner could tolerate. It gave me digestive issues for the remainder of the night. The center bar is visually appealing, however, the specialty drinks listed is in a font and type size unreadable from even the closest bar stool. The bartender suggested I photo it and zoom in to read the drinks. Odd answer for a poor list. I ordered a run of the mill import, Stella Artois, which came with a stick shock of $10 for a single pint. OUCH! Thanks, but I'll stick with Pike Kitchen.

  2. This place is amazing! Now in Maryland we have our very own! Came here after our group decided we wanted a variety of Asian foods to choose from. Can't wait to go back, we will be frequent patrons and can't wait to try the other eateries! Caffeine Insider