Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The final hours of Baskin Robbins in Rockville

There were 31 flavors, but many less hours left in the life of Baskin Robbins at Congressional Plaza this past Sunday. The shop generously offered all ice cream at 50% off to customers on the final day of operation. Baskin Robbins - the chain - is directing customers here to their store at 7909 Tuckerman Lane in Potomac. I don't believe I've ever gone to that Baskin Robbins, so I'm interested to give it a try, since this one was the best in the county in my opinion. One scoop of Peanut Butter & Chocolate, and one scoop of Baseball Nut, for the final farewell. Another great business closes in moribund, razor-thin-profit-margin, high tax, high cost, high rent Montgomery County.


  1. So you never went to this B&R? Why not? All these closures all over the County and have you ever shopped or eaten there?
    Or do you just drive around all alone all night? Taking photos in the dead of night helps nobody. Going out to these places and spending your money keeps them in business.
    Go out with your family and eat somewhere. Go out and shop with your friends.
    DO something other than complain

    1. 12:48: Reading skills are a must - I have twice written that this was my main Baskin Robbins store, and that it was the best in the county.

      A lot of people went here, and to other struggling businesses around the county that closed. The line was out the door at some of the nightclubs that closed in Bethesda.

      Your buddies on the County Council made it too expensive for them to survive even with steady business. I realize you know little about business, but food establishments are a very thin profit margin business.

      Making operating costs too high has doomed many a business in Montgomery County, thanks to the Council.

  2. The damn rent was too high. They said that. Mom and Pop businesses will never be successful when older established centers are no longer affordable, there's little hope that new building spaces will be.

    1. Since when did Baskin-Robbins become a Mom and Pop? This franchise was run out of the center like others by FRT.