Saturday, November 21, 2020

Pickpocket strikes at Rockville grocery store

City of Rockville police responded to a pickpocket incident at a grocery store in King Farm Wednesday evening. The pickpocket struck at a store in the 400 block of Redland Boulevard around 5:30 PM. There is a Safeway store on that block.


  1. My guess is that a shopper walked away from their grocery cart (assuming the left occured in the Safeway), leaving their purse and wallet in the cart. Even if this was for a split second it gave the criminal that sought after window of opportunity to commit this crime. I see this often while shopping, abandoned carts with purses in the child seat, as the shopper is hypnotized by some merchandise delima. You live and learn the hard way. STOP! Keep your wallet at least with you at all times, or suffer the consequences of your own neglect.

  2. We're losing the suburbs to neglect and criminals.

  3. We had a renter in our condominium building caught shoplifting in Safeway. King Farm is changing for the worse. The mega decibel muffler idiots racing up and down Redland Blvd. are destroying our right to quiet enjoyment of our domicile. People won’t pick up their dog waste. Take shopping carts all the way up to Rockville Pike and abandon them.

    1. PLEASE STOP! King Farm is no different from any other suburban community, in any state. You're going to find the criminal element everywhere you try to run. As for your mental dump of other subjects, unrelated, I must say it makes me chuckle. You are aging yourself with the noise issue, it too is everywhere and a sign of the times for auto makers, who aim their vehicles at a particular segment of the market, get use to it. By the way, it should be difficult to speed on Redland Blvd. with the speed cameras at the approach to the residential section. I do agree with you regarding the shopping cart issue. I wish local government would adopt an ordinance or law (another) to fine merchants who fail to control or retrieve wayward carts from a community.