Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Marc Elrich moves ahead of David Blair in Montgomery County Executive election results

After catching up to within 21 votes of challenger David Blair over the weekend, incumbent Marc Elrich surged back into first place in the Democratic contest for Montgomery County Executive Monday night. The Montgomery County Board of Elections updated election results last night to show Elrich retaking the lead with 49,804 votes (39.29%) to Blair's 49,684 votes (39.20%). Counting of mail-in ballots will resume at 10:00 AM this morning at the Germantown campus of Montgomery College.


  1. If Elrich wins, Rockville and Montgomery County will become crime-havens like San Francisco. Already starting to see it with the homeless in Rockville Town Square. Let’s not forget Elrich is buddies with Chesa Boudin.

  2. For the sake of our County I hope Elrich loses. Not sure we can take another term of this guy and his horrendous polices.

  3. Let's hope Erlich will be defeated moco doesn't need him any more.