Thursday, August 25, 2022

Marc Elrich victory confirmed as Montgomery County Executive election results are certified

The Montgomery County Board of Elections certified the results of the July 19, 2022 gubernatorial primary election yesterday. A full recount in the Democratic Montgomery County Executive primary race confirmed the victory of incumbent Marc Elrich over second-place finisher David Blair. Final results showed Elrich with 55,504 votes, and Blair with 55,472 votes, a difference of only 32 votes.

Elrich will face Republican Reardon Sullivan in the November general election. While the lengthy counting and recount provided a final result more than a month after the primary, the small change in votes produced by the recount does help to boost confidence in the integrity of the vote-counting process in Montgomery County.


  1. @7:38 Love the tears you shed. Crying Elephants on the right.

  2. Read the following Washington Examiner article when you have time and the marijuana haze subsides from your head: “The Wretched Marc Elrich has Ruined Montgomery County” Tim Carney wrote the most precise analysis I have ever seen.