Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Rockville Mayor & Council to consider adopting plan to "reimagine" RedGate Park

Rockville's Mayor and Council will consider adopting an updated Master Plan to "reimagine" RedGate Park, a former City-owned golf course at 14500 Avery Road at their Monday, October 17, 2022 meeting. Formulated with input from the public, city staff and elected officials, the latest version of the plan envisions the park as an arboretum. It would include community gardens, an amphitheatre with a deck overlook and a visitor center.

Following a July 18 discussion of the plan by the Mayor and Council, several updates were made. Picnic pavilions were added, as was a dog exercise area for small and large breeds. The layout of pathways was refined, identifying existing ones that will be retained or removed, and the specific routes of new ones. Finally, a more specific location for the visitor center was determined.

With the new changes, the estimated cost of the reimagined park will be somewhere between $16,301,533 and $24,452,299. City staff are recommending adoption of the plan.

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