Thursday, October 13, 2022

An iconic figure is missing from the skyline in Rockville (Photos)

The Roman centurions who guard The Forum condominiums at 11801 Rockville Pike have been down at least one man recently. A signifcant renovation to the building's facade and pool has been taking place at the property this year. It has necessitated the temporary removal of one of the large centurion reliefs that adorn the sides of the condominium tower. These reliefs have made the building a landmark on the Pike over the years.

Masonry blocks are being patched and waterproofed, and material called "flashing" is being installed beneath windows to keep water out. Skylights on the roof have been replaced with smoke hatches, which will open in the event of a fire. Plaster and caulking have been replaced at the pool.


  1. Do we know what year the building is from?

  2. Old memories living here. The board had a hard time organizing and budgeting over the years. It's kept prop values down quite a bit. With the revitalization of white flint there has to be incentive to get this building back in shape. But truth be told, they were working on the beginning staging of the facade 6 or 7 years ago (trouble with planning and budgets I heard). It sounds like The Forum board has still not completed the facade after all these years. Many residents were disenchanted by the lack of leadership and property values when I was living there. Rumor was that the board needed younger ideas, to put it nicely.

    1. Now the board has gone in the other direction, doing everything at once. The jackhammering drilling and cost is problematic.. They are looking at a very expensive special assessment

    2. Unless you are comfortable with a board looking at special assessment lasting up to seven years, i would investigate carefully.