Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Rockville Wegmans construction update (Photos)

With the excitement for the new Amazon Fresh store on Shady Grove Road now on hold until next year, attention returns to the construction site of the future Wegmans at the corner of Rockville Pike and Halpine Road. Wegmans will be the anchor retail tenant in B.F. Saul's Twinbrook Quarter development, and will be in the ground floor of the Phase 1 building of that massive project. Twinbrook Quarter is the most highly-anticipated real estate project in Rockville since Rockville Town Square, nearly two decades ago, and Wegmans is the jewel in the Twinbrook Quarter crown as far as Rockville residents are concerned.

Concrete pouring continues for the third level slab, and a new covered walkway will protect pedestrians on Halpine Road through the end of construction in late 2023. The Rockville Wegmans opening date will likely be sometime in early 2024 at this point.


  1. Let’s go wegmans!

  2. Do all of the pro-liberal causes cheerleaders for Wegmans realize that the store is non-union?