Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rockville 7-Eleven robbed during Sunday's plane crash blackout

A 7-Eleven store in Rockville was robbed Sunday evening, while much of Montgomery County was in the dark due to a mass power outage caused by a plane crashing into a Pepco tower in Gaithersburg. At 8:39 PM, an "older male" suspect smashed a window at the 7-Eleven at 13000 Atlantic Avenue in the Twinbrook area. He grabbed a drawer out of a cash register, and fled on foot as Rockville City police cruisers pulled up outside the store. The suspect was last seen in the residential neighborhood adjacent to the store.


  1. This explains a lot, I had the police come up with flashlights and search my backyard right when the lights had come back on

  2. Atlantic Guns on 355 has some windows and a door covered with plywood. Did something happen there as well during the blackout?