Thursday, November 3, 2022

Maryland governor candidate Wes Moore campaigns in Montgomery County

Wes Moore
, the Democratic nominee for Maryland governor, made a stop at several Bethesda businesses while on the campaign trail in Montgomery County today, including Smoke BBQ at 4858 Cordell Avenue. The candidate was touring the downtown with local Democratic elected officials. Montgomery County is a major electoral prize in any statewide race, and a Democratic stronghold.

Moore's running mate, Montgomery County resident Aruna Miller, was also part of the entourage. Next Tuesday's election will find Moore facing off with Republican Dan Cox, Green Party candidate Nancy Wallace, Libertarian David Lashar, Working Class Party candidate David Harding, and Independent write-in candidate Kyle Sefcik for the highest office in Maryland.

Photos courtesy Smoke BBQ, Moore for Maryland


  1. If I was still living in Maryland, I would vote.for Wes

  2. I truly wish we knew more about the three other candidates. Our country needs nore than just Republican and Democrat. All 5 should have been in the debate.

  3. Had to change my party affiliate Voting Republican! Democrats are taking this country in the wrong direction!!

    1. The Hill: “Hogan, who called Cox a ‘nut’ with ‘no chance whatsoever’ of winning Maryland’s gubernatorial election in November, has previously referred to the candidate as a ‘QAnon whackjob.’”
      This speaks volumes of how your choice is viewed by the current Gov.