Sunday, November 6, 2022

Dan Cox endorsed by National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition in Maryland governor race

Dan Cox
, the Republican nominee for Maryland governor, picked up a last-minute endorsement from a key veterans group ahead of Tuesday's election. The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition endorsed the state delegate from Frederick County on Saturday. "[Dan's] experience, knowledge, and patriotism are especially needed among America's governors at this particular time in our history when our beloved country is at risk," NVGWVC Chairman John J. Molloy said in a statement. "Accordingly, the Board of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition was polled, and has approved the endorsement of [his] candidacy."

"I am incredibly honored to announce my endorsement for Governor by the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition," Cox said in a press release from his campaign. "Thank you to the Board of Directors & Chairman John J. Molloy, OSJ for their support and endorsement to be your next Governor of Maryland. I have and always will stand with our veterans, and will work to end the 22-a-day suicides, expand CAM treatment coverage, and fight to ensure pension and retirement taxes are eliminated."

Cox received the group's nod over Democratic opponent Wes Moore. Moore is a combat veteran who has been endorsed by the VoteVets PAC. Cox is a Captain in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol).


  1. We need all new people to clean this mess up Cox has my vote

  2. Cox is not a patriot. Wes has my vote.

  3. The mess on Maryland? You know Hogan has been the governor for the last eight years. I think he's done a decent job for a republican. Cox is no Hogan.

  4. It’s people like Cox and the Republicans who are the ones that got us in the mess. That’s why we the democrats won’t be voting for another Republican in Maryland

    Maryland is a 3-1 Democratic state. Governor Hogan was put into office by the majority of democrats.

  5. Civil Air Patrol huh? I don’t remember them being in Iraq.

  6. Sad day if he wins

  7. Soooo, Anonymous, Moore isn't "new"?

    1. Equity is not something that can be achieved.All things all naturally unequal. Socialists don't understand this.

  8. Lol...where did this group drop out the sky from?