Saturday, November 12, 2022

Tesla opens new gallery in Rockville (Photos)

has opened a new gallery location in Rockville. What's particularly interesting is the location: 1300 Rockville Pike. This is where upstart Tesla competitor Rivian was operating out of earlier this year. Unlike Rivian, which never posted signage or other visible signs of its presence, the new Tesla facility has signage. Behind the large glass windows is a welcoming showroom, with Tesla vehicles on display inside and out in front of the building.

This location is so new, it doesn't even appear on the Tesla website yet. Tesla has an existing Rockville area gallery and service facility at 52 Derwood Circle. Rivian has closed its operations here on the Pike, and will be relocating its Montgomery County operations to another site. Unlike Rivian, it appears Tesla will be able to fully capitalize on this high-profile location on one of Maryland's busiest highways.


  1. Here's wishing them an unmerry Christmas. Failure can't come soon enough, perhaps Rivian left a curse on the property.

  2. Probably a tesla bear who lost alot of money in the market.