Thursday, March 3, 2022

Rivian starts trucking at new Rockville facility (Photos)

made big news by raising prices on its electric vehicles yesterday, even for those who had pre-ordered under the previous price points, before backtracking today amid order cancellations. There is Rivian news closer to home here in Rockville, though. A Rivian facility has just been established at 1300 Rockville Pike. This was previously the BMW of Rockville dealership.

Flatbed trucks used to deliver
Rivian vehicles to buyers

Don't plan to visit just yet. The facility is currently being used to fulfill delivery orders for vehicles to purchasers in our area, and signs warn that the property is to be entered by "Employees Only." Those flatbed trucks you see in the photos here are used to deliver the vehicles directly to owners' homes. Also on-site: a surveillance robot, whose blue light can be seen as you approach on the Pike.

Blue light special: the Rivian
facility is under surveillance by
this camera robot out front

Aside from delivery and service functions, there are no consumer-facing operations here yet. There are currently no Rivian vehicles visible on-site, no Rivian Experience Center showroom, and no Rivian signage. But if you live nearby and haven't canceled your R1T or R1S order, this is where your vehicle will arrive first before it is brought to you on one of these flatbed trucks. Three major EV brands now have a presence in Rockville: Tesla, Polestar and Rivian.

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