Monday, August 14, 2023

Rockville Wendy's closed temporarily for renovations

has temporarily closed at 808 Rockville Pike for a renovation project. If you're familiar with the Derwood Wendy's, you already know the drill. That Wendy's location closed for about 90 days for a similar project, before reopening this past January

It will be interesting to see what design changes are made to the exterior of the Rockville Wendy's, as it has a more unique building design. This is arguably the best Wendy's in Montgomery County, so it is about to get even better. Customers are being redirected to the Derwood Wendy's during the closure. Have a Baconator up there, but don't tell the County Council!


  1. Looks like there will be a lot of disappointed customers come the start of the fall school semester. Ninety days is a lifetime to go without a frosty at lunch, let alone a Baconator.

  2. There are also Wendy's closed on Nicholson and in Colesville.

    The Derwood reno is underwhelming.