Sunday, August 13, 2023

Aggravated assault at Rockville grocery store

Rockville City police responded to a report of an aggravated assault at a grocery store Friday night, August 11, 2023. The assault was reported at a store in the 600 block of Hungerford Drive at 9:15 PM Friday. There is a Giant supermarket on that block of Hungerford.


  1. What store was it???

  2. I've been approached a few times there by delinquents asking for money. The front lobby of the store has been a hangout for homeless recently. The foot bridge that crosses the railroad to/from North East Rockville is a few hundred yards away. Delinquents cross from North East Rockville to that area around Giant. North East Rockville is a dump. The two crossing from North East Rockville, the foot bridge and Park Road by the metro, are the two most dangerous places in Rockville due to the North East Rockville inhabitances crossing the railroad. The word delinquents could be replaced with undesirables.

    1. Your comment clearly shows that you are new to the Rockville area, and you appear to be a resident, since you frequent this grocery store. The area you define as "North East Rockville" is known as the Lincoln Park community, a name you could discover easily from any reliable source, with a little effort. The area you are disparaging is predominantly Black and low income, and has been a part of the city fabric for over a century. The only access points to the town center area became barriers for its residents when the majority rule in the community voted to cutoff access with the construction of the Metro system. This left the residents with a difficult to use footbridge and distant roadway as ingress and egress from the area. Since then, a once vibrant community has deteriorated to a poor, neglected, ignored, area, with limited services and retail access. Basically, a food dessert created by the majority white government. Your disparaging, derogatory screen name, and comments can be replaced with MAGA immigrant. The community was here before you, don't like it, MOVE!

  3. WOW - if anyone checks property values in Lincoln Park - it is not "poor" or substandard as one anonymous commenter suggests. The history is one thing, and noting where people are coming from to hang out at the current Giant store is quite another