Thursday, October 19, 2023

Sushi Damo closes in Rockville

The hits just keep on coming at Rockville Town Square. Sushi Damo has permanently closed at 36-G Maryland Avenue. The well-reviewed restaurant was in business for 16 years, a relative eternity in Montgomery County's business-unfriendly climate, where restaurants often operate on razor-thin profit margins. Now it's the latest victim of this struggling Town Center property, and the moribund Montgomery County economy. Sushi Damo left the following farewell message inside the front door of the shuttered restaurant:


  1. Town Jewelers closing after a devastating burglary—front smashed. You can actually get street parking easily now.

  2. Sad state of affairs there--like the canary in the mine for the economic catastrophe Maoist Marc and his clueless Council are presiding over. Last I heard they were preoccupied with the bag tax and the inability to collect on this harebrained initiative! Gas blowers, plastic bags, rain barrels and compost piles. We are GREEN and imploding. Good job Marc!

    1. Your comment is as mindless as your knowledge. FYI, the "Council" has absolutely nothing to do with what occurs in the town center.