Friday, December 15, 2023

New Chase Bank branch lights up in Rockville (Photos)

Signage has been installed and is now lit at the future Chase Bank branch at 460 Hungerford Drive, in the Rockville Town Center area. Inside, comfortable furniture can be seen through the large glass facade. Outside, a drive-thru ATM is nearing completion. Utilities are being hooked up to the new building, which replaces a shuttered Chinese supermarket, whose historic building was razed to make way for the bank.


  1. Bank branches are closing all over since most people now do most of their banking online. I am really surprised to see a bank building a new branch in an old neighborhood.

  2. Chase just put one up in Derwood as well. It opened Dec. 12th

  3. Chase is purposefully expanding into the region so they're building out a new branch network (140 DMV locations expected by 2025).