Friday, December 8, 2023

2nd assault in 10 days reported at Target in Rockville

For the second time in ten days, Montgomery County police were called to the Target store at 5700 Bou Avenue in Rockville, after a 2nd-degree assault was reported there. The assault was reported at 10:25 AM yesterday, December 7, 2023. A similar assault occurred at the store on November 26. 


  1. I love to shop there just about the same time it was secure and now I don’t know

  2. You don't live in Rockville anymore... You survive in Rockville.

  3. You sound like Gomer Pyle with the 2nd degree assault.Citizen arrest Citizens Arrest! What is a 2nd degree assault might you ask ?
    Second-degree assault is one of the most commonly charged offenses in Maryland. Almost any confrontation that turns physical without resulting in serious bodily harm can be charged as second-degree assault. Domestic violence scenarios are the most common types of second-second degree assault cases our attorneys handle.

    Not that I’m down playing violence. But enough with the fear mongering Merry Christmas

  4. It would be nice to know if it occurred inside the store or in the parking garage. The parking garage is horrible. It's too dark and they do not have adequate security camera coverage. I think Target could put in more effort to improve safety..