Saturday, December 9, 2023

Police respond to another assault at Rockville Giant store

The Giant grocery store at 625 Hungerford Drive in Rockville is making news again, and not for the hyperinflated food prices. Rockville City police were called to the supermarket yet again early Thursday afternoon, December 7, 2023, after a 2nd-degree assault was reported there. The assault was reported at 1:00 PM Thursday. 

Three assaults were reported at the store in five weeks late this past summer, including an incident where a store employee was punched. Even Christmas Day hasn't been off-limits for assailants at this store in recent years. At least one person was accused of shoplifting in Thursday's incident.


  1. The powers to be have wanted to be a sanctuary county for some years now. People that have immigrated to their protected cities, counties, states are mostly low educated if at all. They come here because they couldn’t support themselves in their home countries. Their ill mannered, unhealthy, and have little social skills.
    They are a burden to our schools, hospitals, and courts, law enforcement, prisons, and society in general.
    Anyone wondering why crime is souring for honest law abiding citizens?
    Who do we have to blame for all this? Look no further than the politicians that control our tax dollar purse strings. The more they can give away; the more popular they become to the dependent class that they developed for future votes.
    Montgomery county before the 1970s was a better place that it’s citizens were proud to be a part of.
    Look at Montgomery county’s past history and compare it to now.
    It should bring tears to any life long citizen that was here before the 70s.

  2. They're, there, their! Genius!

  3. Welcome All kinds of people with out knowledge is a big tag of unpleasant surprises.

  4. Too many immigrants without education, housing, or bothered to learn to speak our language has become a serious problem. I used to go out quite often, but now I would rather stay home. I worry about all the kids walking home from school. I wonder why there are so many people being shot and nothing done about it. I guess the US is going to become a third world country soon. So sad.

  5. This Giant keeps getting worse. Like Elizabeth Tayor says in the film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, "What a dump". There is nothing like walking in the lobby and have homeless people passed out on the bench. I go to the Traville giant now. It is a little farther but it is a much better store.

    1. That Giant isn't the only dump.Much of Montgomery County is a Dump.

    2. But you're still here.

    3. Unfortunately I don't have the resources to leave right now, but believe me when I say that my hometown of Gaithersburg is a cesspool of crime, drugs and degradation. I've actually witnessed people using the Lakeforest bus shelters for a bathroom, and they weren't doing number one. How is that multiculturalism working out?