Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Eko House to close in Rockville

Eko House
, the African restaurant and lounge at 150 Gibbs Street at Rockville Town Square, will cease operations "effective Sunday, January 14th, 2024." The business is citing "misalignment with our landlord" as the reason for closing. Owners Yomi Ajao and Francis Odiase say they are actively seeking a new location for Eko House, and hope to reopen soon in that new space. Eko House opened two years ago at the struggling Rockville Town Square, which has a number of vacant storefronts.


  1. They survived longer than I predicted, this fish out of water was in the wrong location from the get go. Wheaton, Silver Spring, White Oak would be more suitable markets for their cuisine.

  2. How did this place ever open to begin with?

    1. Common sense will tell anyone that a business with money and desire can opening anywhere with the proper resources. What's your point exactly?

  3. What do you think should replace it as a restaurant?

  4. I think what the other person was trying to say is to know your market The idea that a large scale( this space is large)African centered restaurant would succeed in downtown Rockville is a nonstarter .You would have to do 50 + diners a day to break even. reminds me of the other restaurant that was on the corner that was from Russia? They had the wolf skins on the wall and the worst vodka you’d ever tasted in your whole life, you feel sorry for these people that put their hearts and soul into a business and it fails .but better to fail at love then never loved at all.

  5. The bigger picture is that more people are eating healthier, eating at home, and if not healthier then they are ordering out. A Chick Fil A would do well at Town Center.