Friday, January 5, 2024

Update on Montgomery County's first Taco Bell Cantina (Photos)

Montgomery County's first Taco Bell Cantina is getting closer to opening at 8662 Colesville Road in downtown Silver Spring. The latest additions to the interior are the electronic menu boards, soft drink fountain dispensers (Baja Blast!), and self-ordering kiosks. Booth seating has also been installed. I'm intrigued as to why the Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco Deluxe Box is showing on the menu board - it's not currently a featured item at Taco Bell, and not rumored to return to the menu soon, that I am aware of.

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  1. For a county government that says it is concerned about the health of its citizens they seem to have no problem allowing junk food restraunts to open in this county yet can not keep good quality places to eat open. Ithink that all they look for is tax dollarscoming in from places not is the food healthy and good quality!! And with the new wage law will this place even be cheapin cost?