Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Peter Chang opens in Gaithersburg

One of the D.C. area's top chefs chose an auspicious day to open the latest addition to his growing restaurant empire. Peter Chang's new Gaithersburg location at 637 N. Frederick Avenue celebrated its grand opening last night, following a rare solar eclipse. This is Chang's first tapas-style small plates concept. The restaurant also offers a Dim Sum menu. 

During the final countdown to Monday's opening, an artist worked to complete a colorful mural on the exterior of the building. The Gaithersburg venture joins Chang's other successful Montgomery County restaurants in downtown Bethesda, and at Rockville Town Square.


  1. I think that used to be the old Ichiban restaurant location, Peter Changs sounds great😋

  2. Peter Chang should monitor the Rockville Town Center one for quality and cleanliness. If you ask for less salt a cook will come out and stare at you. If you walk in last year you did it on a dirty tattered rug. Not to classy

    1. typed too ,- got to //GOT NEW KEYBOARD ahem!

  3. I would to eat the new location of Peter Chang . Closer to where I live. My family would love to come . Thank you.

  4. Originally built to house a branch of Giffords, the famous Bethesda ice cream shop. A very special treat to be taken there as a kid. Ah, I remember.....