Friday, April 12, 2024

Larry Hogan sets fundraising record for a Maryland U.S. Senate candidate

The unexpected chance to flip a U.S. Senate seat was expected to boost the inflow of campaign cash into the Maryland this year, but former Gov. Larry Hogan (R) has exceeded expectations, by setting a fundraising record for a U.S. Senate race in the heavily-Democratic state. Hogan has raised more than $3.1 million since his surprise last-minute entry into the contest on February 9, his campaign announced yesterday. That total marks the most raised by a Senate candidate in any quarter in state history, and outpaced the campaign of Democrat Angela Alsobrooks by $1 million in half the time. Alsobrooks is locked in a contentious Democratic primary race with billionaire David Trone, who is self-funding his campaign, and spending big on advertising.

Hogan greets a voter in
Leonardtown, Maryland yesterday

“Our team is incredibly humbled and grateful for the overwhelming amount of support and positive reception we have received across the state since announcing mid-February, and we are just getting started,” Hogan said in a statement Thursday. “In a race where we are likely to face either the billionaire trying to buy the election or the candidate of the Democratic machine, there is no doubt we are the financial underdog too. Every day, our focus is on getting our message out to Marylanders who are fed up and frustrated with politics as usual. It’s time to get back to work, fix the broken politics, and send a message to Washington!”

Hogan delivers fresh Dunkin' Donuts
to volunteer firefighters in
Prince Frederick, Maryland yesterday

Hogan is in the middle of a ten-day bus tour of the state. The tour coincides with the start of mail-in balloting in Maryland, as voters begin to receive their primary ballots in the mail this week.

Photos courtesy Hogan for Maryland, Inc.


  1. He knows better than to tread on MoCo turf, this is Moore territory. That record sounds like someone else touting fake fund raising amounts on the right. Meanwhile Gov. Moore is doing a stellar job at leading the rescue efforts in Baltimore Harbor huh Dyer.

  2. We don't need a RINO

  3. Somebody is doing a terrible job of running Maryland, because crime is rising at unprecedented levels in Montgomery County and Maryland.

    1. Alternative facts are dead now.

    2. Fix Montgomery County. We're afraid to live here anymore. Residents want to move, and will, as soon as they can find somewhere that fits their needs.

  4. When is he coming to Baltimore? As governor, the only times he came were when he was ready to spew criticism about its leaders, etc. from
    mayor to school leaders to law
    enforcement. And that awful
    bus system he created....

  5. Government Hogan was an excellent leader who listened to people's concerns and worked to improve the lives of all Marylanders.

  6. Hope he wins it all!

  7. This is a real traditional normal republican that I can support, no like of the pro Putin nutjobs like Trump and his type