Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sculpture commemorates Rockville's legendary Reed Brothers Dodge (Photos)

The Bainbridge Shady Grove apartment building now stands on the former site of the legendary Reed Brothers Dodge dealership at 15955 Frederick Road. But a sculpture now installed on the property pays tribute to the first Dodge dealer in Montgomery County history, and Dodge vehicles themselves. More than 20 feet high, and over 6 feet wide, the public art is inspired by 1939 Dodge headlamps, and the fender of a 1957 Dodge pickup truck.

There's a website that's a must-read if you are interested in learning more about Reed Brothers and Rockville history, or even Dodge vehicle history in general. Reed Brothers Dodge History 1915-2012 had an ongoing series about the design and installation of the sculpture.
Hemi Piston lamps line
the walkway outside
But you have to see it yourself at night for the full impact. Also look for the Hemi piston-inspired light fixtures that line the promenade leading to the Metro station.


  1. That looks... bizarre, to say the least.

  2. It looks stupid and expensive.

  3. I see this thing everyday and had no idea it was meant to symbolize that. It looks TERRIBLE in person. They could at least put a plaque up or something to explain the point of it.

  4. They should put a bag over it.

  5. It looks like a bedpan.