Monday, January 8, 2018

Marijuana dispensary coming to Rockville (Photos)

A medical marijuana dispensary is coming to Rockville. Peake ReLeaf will open this year at 2001 Chapman Avenue in Twinbrook, right near Twinbrook Parkway. Patients can already begin the process of registering via their website. It looks like there's still a ways to go on the build-out of the interior.

Peake ReLeaf's founders are Maryland natives. Some are lifelong residents, while others have moved to Colorado in recent years to gain experience from their medical marijuana system. The company says they will bring that hands-on experience back to Rockville to the benefit of customers here, where many other Maryland dispensaries are new to the industry.

The dispensary will be next to Urban BBQ.


  1. The dispensary will be next to Urban BBQ. Perfect.

  2. Only idiots smoke marijuana for recreation.

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