Thursday, February 15, 2018

Stonestreet Corridor Study draft recommendations to be presented Feb. 22

Rockville planning staff will present their draft recommendations for improvements and redevelopment opportunities in the city's Stonestreet corridor next Thursday, February 22, at 7:00 PM at Glenview Mansion, located at 603 Edmonston Drive. Those recommendations will be based on staff analysis and the input gathered at four previous community meetings.

Planners will be seeking feedback from the public on the proposed recommendations at the meeting. The study area encompasses the east and west sides of North and South Stonestreet avenues, from the northern edge on Westmore Road south, to where South Stonestreet Avenue ends at Veirs Mill Road. In total, the study area contains more than 150 acres of land.


  1. Why is 51 Monroe Street part of the "Stonestreet Corridor"?

    That's weird.

    1. It's not. Do you mean 255 Rockville Pike? It's presumably included because it's trash and badly needs to be redeveloped.

      It's crazy how far Rockville has come these past 15 years and even crazier to see how much still needs to be completely redone.

    2. Wow, you are a dumbass. Rockville Pike is not in this corridor at all. 51 Monroe Street is the block right across from the Metro station, where the boundaries of this corridor take a sudden weird jog to the west.

    3. I am not a dumbass; I simply can read maps while you cannot. The "weird jog to the west" encompasses the building 255 Rockville Pike, not 51 Monroe (which is the highrise to the south of 255 Rockville Pike). I accept your apology. Maybe actually visit Rockville sometime, yeah?