Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Indian restaurant to open in Rockville

A second new restaurant tenant to report at Pike & Rose this week. Commonwealth Indian will open in the vacant La Madeleine space at 11610 Old Georgetown Road. Not only will Commonwealth have favorites like curry chicken and butter chicken, but the full bar and drink menu will offer Indian beers, Indian wines and Indian cocktails. A champagne brunch will be served on weekends.

Like the previously-announced Kusshi, Commonwealth appears to be a local, independent restaurant as opposed to a chain. No opening date for Commonwealth was announced.


  1. BB reported this yesterday, Sleepyhead.

    1. 5:36: We all got the press release. Strangely, you didn't comment on their site that they were a day late on Kusshi, which I broke the story on BEFORE Federal put out the press release. Does your conviction as a sex offender prevent you from using the computer enough to leave a comment over there?