Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Rockville construction update: The Metropolitan at Rockville Town Center (Photos)

This is the final construction update on Kettler's Metropolitan at Rockville Town Center apartments. Not only is the project finished, but the first residents have moved in. Some of the features new in these photos include the permanent signage, a public art installation, and the landscaped grounds outside the building.



  1. So no word on retail tenants? Who is in charge of leasing the space? Their website likely has info.

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    1. 3:02: You're the coward, hiding behind a computer screen in a dark room, taking shots at people who are actually getting things done. No one could be a bigger tool than the current County Council. I've whipped them in every debate, as can be seen on video, and they're so scared this year they've had to exclude me or cancel the debates altogether. Like you, they know I'll whip them in an actual public arena. Stay behind your computer, girly man.

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