Thursday, July 19, 2018

Slapfish Rockville review (Video+Photos)

Slapfish opens tomorrow, July 20, 2018 at 11:00 AM at 12033 Rockville Pike, in the Montrose Crossing shopping center. The first 107 people in line at 11 will get a free lobster roll. But this morning, you can watch my review from a soft opening event last night.

In keeping with the sustainability theme of the
restaurant, water comes in boxes rather than
plastic bottles; at right is a cane sugar-sweetened
cola available on tap

Chowder Fries

Chowder Fries are loaded with bacon,
clam chowder, cheese and onions

Jersey Sauce (left) and
Awesome Sauce (right) are among the
dipping options

Lobster Roll with fries

Fish and chips with fries

Whitefish is used for the fish and chips

Great colors in the lobster roll

Served on a warm butter roll

The first 107 people in line at 11:00 AM
Friday will get one of these free


  1. In your photo tag line you i.d. "Fish and chips with fries". Where are the chips???

    1. "Chips" referrers to the French Fries.

    2. My point. So why call this "Fish and chips with fries?" It's just Fish and chips.

    3. Department of Redundancy Department.

      Makes me wonder whether Dyer has ever traveled outside the USA.

      Or even Montgomery County...

  2. It looks like a heart attack on a plate.

    1. It should be “Slap Heart,” the instructions the paramedic receives from the hospital in order to revive you.

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  4. How many photos of the same thing do you need to take? Do even have a day job?

  5. Did you eat all that yourself?