Thursday, July 12, 2018

Buffalo Wild Wings cuts back hours in Rockville as MoCo nighttime economy continues to tank

Effective this week, Buffalo Wild Wings at 33-C Maryland Avenue will close an hour earlier each night, except for Sunday nights, which will remain the same. Monday through Thursday, the popular chicken wing restaurant will close at 12:00 AM instead of 1:00 AM. And on Friday and Saturday nights, BWW will now close at 1:00 AM, instead of 2:00 AM as before.
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Montgomery County's nightlife business continues to tank following the disastrous "nighttime economy initiative" by County Council President Hans Riemer. The Nighttime Economy Task Force debacle led to the closure of 15 nightspots in downtown Bethesda alone, and cutbacks in late-night hours similar to what we are witnessing with Buffalo Wild Wings here. Instead of ending the County's archaic government liquor monopoly that is killing restaurants and bars, Riemer led the Council move to strengthen the monopoly. The same monopoly keeps residents from being able to buy beer and wine at grocery, drug and convenience stores countywide.

There simply aren't enough people out late at night anymore to sustain businesses during those hours. Rockville and downtown Silver Spring have fared slightly better than Bethesda, but we can see things are still moving in the wrong direction countywide.


  1. Who wants to be at night in Buffalo Wild Wings? We need more quality bars and night clubs.

  2. lol, Robert, you sound fucking dumb. There are dozens of new nightlife spots opening every year in the county and you're pretending like the opposite is happening. No one is dumb enough to fall for your fake news. Maybe stop reporting on all the new openings if you're going to turn around and try to claim the exact opposite in posts like this.

  3. #FAKE Robbie News AGAIN!!! If this is the case i.e., MoCo economy tanking and losing bars, why are Bar Louis and Finnegan's Wake open to 2 and 3 a.m. respectively? Not to mention Samovar, and Trapezaria also in the Town Center open until 2 a.m. on weekends also. Your as much of a FAKE as your idol the Orange Orangutan. What a birdbrain.

    1. Good one! Also real news sources like The Wahingtonian report the following; "The Spot. 255 N Washington St., Rockville. Open daily from 11 AM to midnight. (Bar hours will eventually go until 2 AM.)".

      Nothing like a little reading of the real news to see the facts.

  4. "The same monopoly keeps residents from being able to buy beer and wine at grocery, drug and convenience stores countywide."

    You are drowning in your own stupidity, Dyer. The prohibition on beer and wine sales at grocery, drug and convenience stores is statewide and has nothing to do with the DLC.