Monday, July 9, 2018

Asian food hall The Spot opens in Rockville

The Spot looked ready to open any minute last week, and now it has. And it's already picked up a large following this weekend. Crowds of people were walking down N. Washington Street, headed to the new Asian food hall in the ground floor of the Metropolitan at Rockville Town Center apartments.

Tenants operating opening weekend included raw fish bowl favorite Poki DC, the bubble teas of Gong Cha, Cheers Cut fried chicken, Mian Pull noodle, and the sweet finish of Hong Kong waffle ice cream from Alpaca Dessert. Several more vendors are coming soon. The Spot is located at 255 N. Washington Street.


  1. Bonkers busy this weekend. Maybe Rockville can support three of these concepts.

  2. Bob, Fine delete my comment about Marc Elrich winning by 80 votes... but please report it... you can beat 7th Sate to the punch.

  3. You're a real two-headed snake, again just like #45. In one split tongue comment you scream about cutback in hours at BWW being due to the MoCo moribund economy, then talk about how fantastic it is and OMG the crowds on the sidewalks. WHAT A FUCKING HYPOCRTIC.