Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Montgomery County murders, gang-related crime spiking again in 2018

Massive 72% surge
in violent
gang-related crime;
"Most alarming"
53% jump in 
rape cases

Montgomery County's soft-on-crime County Council continues to have real consequences for victims of crime and gangs in our community. The latest statistics show that, after a 31% spike in murders last year, there have already been more homicides in 2018 than at this time of the year in 2017. That represents a 10% increase in murders this year on top of the 31% increase last year.
Gang related robberies have increased by 36% in 2018, and gang-related assaults have shot up 43% this year. There have been 247 reported cases of rape as of June 30, compared to only 161 by the same point in 2017 - a shocking 53% increase, which Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger called "most alarming" in his testimony before the Council Public Safety Committee on July 23.

Despite recent passage of "common sense gun laws" in Maryland, weapons violations are up 6% in 2018. And even after the Council loosened marijuana laws in 2014, marijuana violations are up 11% this year. Drug offenses are up 7.4% overall so far this year. There has also been an increase in human trafficking and kidnappings.

Assaults are up 3.3% in 2018. That increase was driven by an "uptick in gang activity," Assistant Police Chief Russ Hamill told the committee. The department released a list of unsurprising hot spots of gang activity in the County, with Gaithersburg and Montgomery Village being the hardest hit areas. Cider Mill and Lakeforest Mall are being worked overtime by MS-13, and the Hittsquad and L3 gangs.

MS-13 continues to dominate in the Wheaton and Piney Branch areas of the County; an MS-13 "destroyer house" was discovered on University Boulevard last year. "One Way Hustle" is now the dominant gang in Germantown, and Silver Spring is beset by multiple gangs, according to the Council staff report.

Violent gang-related crime is up an astonishing 72% in 2018, a clear failure of the County Council's weak 2017 anti-gang initiative.


  1. You and your MAGA attitude will not fly here in MoCo, so save your mommy's penny's and go play video games. You're wasting your time.

    1. 10:55: You're saying the public supports a 53% spike in rapes and a 72% increase in violent gang-related crimes? LOL You're the idiot wasting your time. Thanks to my news sites, they now actually know there was a 53% increase in rape in "progressive" Montgomery County.

    2. When I was a graduate student, I read a book called "Lying with Statistics". What I'm saying is you have crafted the art of statistical lies to a science. That's right Dyer Liar you know that the crime stats as reported, not purported, by the county stat pages show that crime is down. So quit with your cartel hunt and get off your weak soapbox. Your lame politicalcampaign is done.

    3. 11:22: "Statistical lies?" These stats are directly from the Montgomery County Police Department memo!

  2. Many cities in Montgomery county are starting to look like cities in Gautamala or North Africa as far as I'm concerned and we are starting to have the same crime and other problems these places have.Crime in Montgomery county is out of control.Does anyone remember 15 years ago when there were a number of MS-13 killings in MoCo?County residents were told that Montgomery County police and gang unit had rid the County of the gang,but it wasn't true,ten years later the gang was back and worse than ever.People who claim that crime has dropped in six months are foolish people no matter how many Graduate Degrees they have.

  3. This article is from the Washington Post.

  4. if you recall the Chandra Levy murder case from 2000 you will understand my position on why we have not seen a real decrese in crime and murder by illegal immigrants.For two years House Representative Gary Condit was blamed for levy's killing and his life was basically ruined by the media.When the truth was finally revealed that an illegal immigrant from El Salvador and MS 13 gang member had actually killed her.

    The Chandra Levy killing was a high profile case but there were other killings by MS 13 in Montgomery County the early 2000s.

  5. Here is a list of some MS 13 killings and I think once you look at this list you will understand that Montgomery County has a new and very serious problem not just with murder but the way in which the victims are being murdered.Decapitation,hearts being cut out,livers being cut out,people having their limbs cut off.

    please sir,don't insult people's intelligence by limiting or omitting the brutality and viciousness of the crimes and murders being committed in Montgomery county.