Friday, December 7, 2018

Rockville biotech firm stock drops despite positive drug trial results

Rockville-based Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. had a good news-bad news Thursday. The company received the key positive results they had hoped for from two trials of their SPN-812 drug, designed to treat ADHD in children. Study results showed that the Supernus formula acts faster and has fewer side effects than the existing generic options.

But industry analysts declared the drug was still not superior enough to the two generics on the market to differentiate itself, and shares in Supernus fell almost 16% yesterday. The company says it remains optimistic that the small number of treatment options available still gives their product a niche in the market. “We believe these data from the two pivotal Phase III studies, which are consistent with the Phase IIb data, demonstrate that SPN-812 is a well-differentiated novel non-stimulant treatment option for many children with ADHD," Supernus CEO Jack Khattar said Thursday.


  1. This is a real knee-jerk article. Every investor in the stock market experienced a dramatic, drastic drop in their stocks yesterday, not just this one company. What caused this is what is news, and the overall causal factor is the mercurial impulse of our current occupant of the white house, sometimes known as I-1. His lying about China and the deals he supposedly has struck, unverified by the Chinese, sent the markets into a downward spiral.
    Try to get your imbecilic facts straight before hurling moronic pieces of crap at your audience.

  2. You heard that REGENXBIO is moving into a new HQ in Rockville and doubling its workforce (again), right? Kinda surprised the news wasn't posted on this site.

  3. Looks like the stock fell another 9.89% on Friday, a total drop of 25% since Monday. The Dyer Effect at work.


    1. They peaked at 59.85 on June 29 of this year. Down 39% since then. You sure can pick 'em, Dyer.

  4. They are failing because their name sounds like either "Superanus" or "Supernuts".

  5. The anonymous troll thinking his blabber is correct, while every media outlet is agreeing with my version of the story, is hysterical. Punch yourself, moron.