Monday, December 24, 2018

Rockville Library child sex assault suspect arrested

The suspect sought in the sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl at the Rockville Memorial Library is now in custody. Montgomery County police have arrested and charged Keelan M. Sternklar, 26, of an unconfirmed address, for committing a third-degree sexual offense and second-degree assault in the December 15 incident.

Sternklar was located by City of Rockville police in an unspecified coffee shop "approximately one block" from the library on Thursday around the same hour he had been spotted in the library days earlier. County police arrested him later at a homeless shelter on Crabbs Branch Way. Detectives report Sternklar has admitted he was in the library at the time of the alleged December 15 assault.


  1. Just deport him already and build the Wall so we can keep people like him out of Rockville.

    1. We do need the border to be secure in all honesty.Do you realize how many young children have been abused by illegal immigrants?Many young children have been killed by illegal immigrants in DWI accidents as well.

      That's not to say that this guy is any better,obviously he needs to be locked away,but I would not make light of the fact that dangerous illegal immigrants are pouring into our Country through the border.