Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Choice Hotels in expansion mode in the Mid-Atlantic

A hotel converted to a Clarion Pointe
property in South Boston, Virginia by
Choice Hotels International
Rockville-based Choice Hotels International is expanding its brand in the Mid-Atlantic region, the company reports. It has opened its 40th Cambria Hotel-branded property in Hanover, Maryland. That hotel is targeting travelers using nearby BWI Airport, patrons of the Maryland Live! casino at Arundel Mills, and business travelers heading to Fort Meade. Choice has further plans for Cambria hotels in Ocean City, Baltimore, Capitol Heights and Southwest Washington, D.C.

In addition, Choice has snapped up eight existing Mid-Atlantic hotels, and will convert them to Choice brands between now and early 2019. The hotels are located in Lancaster, Levittown and Lebanon, Pennsylvania; South Boston, Virginia; and Seaside Heights and Wildwood, New Jersey. They will be converted to Choice's Clarion, Clarion Pointe, Quality Inn and Rodeway brands.


  1. "the company reports"

    Where? How did you happen to read their report?

    1. 10:18: Your mental illness is showing again. Self-awareness of zero. Everyone who has ever read a corporate press release, email or attended a press conference is laughing at you right now. Please get the help you need. These comments make you look bad, not me.

    2. How did you happen to read a "corporate press release" from Choice Hotels?

    3. It is really sad Dawson's closed. If they had re-opened for sure you would have posted about it. You are after all the ONLY hype blog in the ENTIRE county.

  2. Ok, that makes sense.
    Was it a corporate press release or press conference?

  3. Where did you get that photo?