Friday, May 17, 2019

Rockville City Council race begins taking shape; Mullican declares

Twinbrook resident and former Rockville planning commissioner Brigitta Mullican announced her entry into the 2019 Rockville City Council race yesterday. She cites her extensive community service resume among her qualifications, including being a founder and past President and Vice-President of the Rockville Sister City Corporation, VP and secretary of the Twinbrook Citizen's Association, and member of the Richard Montgomery High School PTA and Booster Club.

Mullican is a graduate of Richard Montgomery, and an alumnus of Montgomery College and the University of Maryland, from which she earned a management degree. She says she will use her experience of working with government officials at all levels to "improve Rockville’s working relationship with both the county and state governments."

Among the issues Mullican plans to campaign on are school overcrowding, increasing the number of City Council seats to seven, and traffic congestion. She endorses Gov. Larry Hogan's plan for Express Lanes on I-270 and the Beltway. While she pledges to help small businesses in the city, she has misgivings about the appearance that elected officials are offering "selective bailouts" to some struggling businesses like Dawson's Market, but not to others.
Cynthia Cotte Griffiths
Mullican joins two other candidates who have declared for the Council race. Cynthia Cotte Griffiths is the Richard Montgomery High School's Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) President and editor of the former Rockville Central blog and Facebook page. With an extensive professional background in non-profits, she is currently Executive Director of DC-MD Justice For Our Neighbors in Rockville. Her top issues include transit-oriented development, economic development, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and requiring the Mayor and Council to appoint a new member if a vacancy opens.

Cotte Griffiths has been a commissioner on the City of Rockville Traffic and Transportation Commission since 2015, a past commissioner on the City of Rockville Human Service Advisory Commission from 2008-2014, a member of the 2009 City Boards and Commissions Task Force, a member of the City's Sesquicentennial Committee, and won a Good Neighbor Award from the City in 2006 for volunteer efforts in the community and at Ritchie Park Elementary School.
James J. Hedrick
James J. Hedrick is a member of the board of Rockville Housing Enterprises, and a Rockville resident since 2014. He is currently a Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) employee, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Twinbrook Citizens Association. After starting his career at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Hedrick worked as a consultant to local governments for several years. His firm advised towns and cities on budget, staffing, services, and strategic planning. He says he hopes to bring this experience to the Council.

Hedrick's top issues include better mobility connections among the different parts of the city, economic development, more diverse representation on boards and commissions, and environmental sustainability.

Expect the field to grow, and if you enter the race, send your press releases throughout the campaign season to Rockville Nights.


  1. Care to offer your endorsements?

    1. It's a bit early at this point. I expect a much larger field by summer.

  2. Does not answer my question. Any endorsement on the three you posted

    1. It does answer your question. RD expects more nominees this summer, why would be endorse someone now?

    2. No it does NOT answer the question. Of the three now and if the election were held today who would get your vote.

    3. Yes it DOES answer your original question of, "Care to offer your endorsements?"

      NOW you're asking a new question: "Of the three now and if the election were held today who would get your vote."

    4. So Robert comes here and deletes my question. Why is it so difficult to figure out who is the best one of the three.

      Are you not understanding what I'm asking? What I've been asking from the beginning? Stop gas lighting Robert, you are really bad at it. You just end up looking petulant

  3. The name of our organization is now the Twinbrook Community Association. Please revise in future posts, thank you.

    Marissa Valeri, President
    Twinbrook Community Association

  4. Still, these anonymous comments drive me crazy. Own it and stop being pussies.

    Please tell me how Ms. Mullican is wrong by saying those kids were here illegally? How does that make her racist?

  5. @Steve KelleyMay 18, 2019 at 10:49 PM

    “Please tell me how Ms. Mullican is wrong by saying those kids were here illegally? How does that make her racist?”

    I will respectfully answer your question:

    As Mullican stated on Fox News, “They’re there [at an MCPS School] as a criminal…” Here Mullican is not only referring to the two boys, but any non-documented Hispanic attending school (including “A” students), even though the Montgomery County Public School system has policies, which invite these “illegal kids” to attend public school. Mullican may not like it, but it is Montgomery County policy. Mullican also had these two boys tried and convicted in her court of law (Fox News and elsewhere) as violent rapists. She continually attempted to stir up racial tensions in Montgomery County by testifying at Rockville community forum and appearing on Fox Five DC (local channel) regarding her venomous assertion that the two boys were rapists. Although the two boys were not saints, as it turns out they were found NOT guilty and charges were dropped after the young lady finally acknowledged her part in the encounter after being confronted with video of the incident. According to the Washington Post, the sex was consensual based on in-school video surveillance. Again, not good… but NOT rape as Mullican proclaimed over a period of months. Had the two boys been Caucasian, Mullican would not have said a word… In her mind, brown people are not presumed innocent like their white counterparts. That is just one example of why Brigitta Mullican is a racist.

    Here’s the link to the Post article:

    PS: Mr. Dyer, These posts regarding Mullican’s racism are factual. If you delete them, your blog will lose any credibility for choosing only to publish “alternative facts.”

  6. Mullican on Tucker Carlson: