Thursday, May 2, 2019

Smashburger Rockville closed - for good?

Smashburger at 1800-A Rockville Pike has been closed for a number of weeks. But a sign in the window insists the closure is temporary, while giving no rational explanation for the situation.

Everything inside the restaurant is still there, from furniture to still-lit menu boards. There's even a contrary banner declaring the restaurant is open, strangely enough. Given the tight profit margins in the restaurant field - and the high cost of doing business in Montgomery County, it is rare that a restaurant can afford to close for any extended period and make a comeback.

Smashburger had entered the County with high hopes several years ago. But in moribund MoCo, each of their locations has wound up closing over time. Sometimes it seems the only business owners making a profit besides the Council's developer sugar daddies are the folks who print those now-ubiquitous "Going out of business!" signs, which are plastered in windows countywide these days.

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  1. Their food was crap. Habit and BGR are far superior.

  2. it's been removed from the main website's list of locations, and it no longer accepts online ordering, so i'm guessing the closure is kaiser (permanente)