Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Amazon Fresh grocery store to open on Shady Grove Road

Amazon will open one of its new Amazon Fresh grocery store concepts in Gaithersburg. The store will take over the Office Depot building at the 270 Center on Shady Grove Road.

First opening in California, the stores will offer the Amazon Dash Cart, which identifies the items you place in it. Customers can then push the cart through the Dash Cart checkout lane for instant checkout when leaving the store.

Fresh foods are prepared daily in-store. Amazon Fresh stores will emphasize low prices, compared to the company's higher-end Whole Foods Market chain. Expect a 2021 opening for the store.


  1. I had no idea the Office Depot planned to close this location.

  2. I think the fact is COVID-19 to open a new Grocery stores. Also I think, Amazon will open more stores to the near future, as long as COVID-19 start the second wave to the whole world.