Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hogan: Let's go to the movies! Elrich: Not so fast

Montgomery County won't immediately 
accept move to Stage 3 of reopening Friday

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) declared Tuesday afternoon that the state's coronavirus numbers now permit moving to Stage 3 of reopening. He said that would include movie theaters and all businesses, and would go into effect this Friday at 5:00 PM. But don't call the Moviefone guy for Tenet showtimes just yet, Kramer.
Regal Cinemas Majestic 20 in
downtown Silver Spring is still closed,
like all Maryland movie theaters
Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich said Hogan's announcement had "taken us by surprise." Because Hogan did not share his executive order with County officials in advance, Elrich said, it would take time to review it. "Although I want to see our community open as quickly as possible, we also must proceed with care," Elrich tweeted, adding that he would continue to rely on "data and science" in making decisions.
New movie posters outside the Regal, but
not always with the right release dates in
the tumultuous coronavirus era
Elrich said it will take at least a few days to review the order and data. He said he was troubled by Covid-19 case numbers being higher this week than last week in the county. Stay tuned for further updates between this morning and Friday.

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  1. The nicest thing I can say about our County Executive is that he is a complete tool. Referencing President Bush in his rant yesterday was ridiculous. Way to keep it political, Marc. Unfory, the sheep in this county will continue to follow. Marc Elrich is incompetent, at best.