Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Proposed changes to Rockville city employee layoff policy need more revisions, Mayor & Council say

Potentially problematic wording of an update in the City of Rockville's Reduction in Force policy preventing it from being adopted by the Mayor and Council last night. The RIF policy is triggered when budgetary constraits, lack of work or other factors necessitate layoffs or reduction in city staff, and provides criteria for making those decisions. Conflicting criteria in the proposed update such as "length of service" and "seniority" could be exploited in court by employees suing the city, City Council member Mark Pierzchala warned. "I've seen it," Councilmember Beryl Feinberg concurred, referring to cases she has observed over her career in Montgomery County government.

After some discussion, the Mayor and Council agreed that one of the two terms would have to be recommended by staff for adoption at a later date. Pierzchala moved to deny adoption of the policy update; Councilmember David Myles seconded the motion. The Mayor and Council then voted unanimously to deny adoption of the current proposal, and return the document to staff for revision.

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